Social Media Do's and Don'ts for Memorial Day

Memorial Day Social Media Dos and Don’ts

Memorial Day is just around the corner and car dealerships across the nation are gearing up to commemorate the occasion with their followers on social media.

However, in the midst of all the excitement, it is important to remember Memorial Day is not just another federal holiday. First and foremost, it is a day of mourning for US military personnel who lost their lives while serving their country.

As such, if you plan to commemorate the holiday on social media, you must do so in a sensitive and respectful manner. Crass and inconsiderate Facebook or Instagram posts are sure to result in a great deal of blowback from your community.

Luckily, you don’t have to handle this tricky situation alone. The FZA Digital team has prepared a detailed list of dos and don’ts you can follow to observe Memorial Day the right way.

We recommend following these tips to observe Memorial Day in a respectful manner:

Recognize the Fallen Soldiers

Your social media followers will expect you to make a post recognizing the sacrifice of the soldiers who lost their lives while protecting their country.

Your post does not need to be lengthy or complex, however. A brief, simple, respectful message will suffice. Consider emulating the following examples:

  • “Thank you to our fallen soldiers. We are forever grateful for your sacrifice.”
  • “This Memorial Day, we remember the brave men and women who gave their lives to protect our country.”
  • “Today, we honor the heroes who lose their lives fighting for our freedom.”

It’s best to post this message early in the day. If you leave it too late, your social media followers may begin to wonder why you have not yet made a post.

Post Patriotic Images

Commemorating Memorial Day isn’t just about the words you use. It’s also about the photos you post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We recommend sticking to patriotic images. You can’t go wrong with pictures of soldiers, the US flag, or the Statue of Liberty. 

It’s best to avoid using images of politicians and political buildings, like the White House, though. These pictures are likely to result in inflammatory comments and messages.

Social Media Mistakes to Avoid on Memorial Day

It’s easy to find yourself at the center of controversy on Memorial Day. If you don’t want to upset or anger your social media followers, avoid making the following mistakes:

Saying “Happy Memorial Day”

When creating posts to commemorate the holiday, you may be tempted to say “Happy Memorial Day” to your followers. After all, that’s what you would say on the 4th of July or Labor Day.

Memorial Day is different, though. It is primarily a day of mourning for fallen American soldiers. If you use a phrase like “Happy Memorial Day,” you might upset people who have lost a friend or a family member.

Instead, consider wishing your followers a “thoughtful” or “meaningful” Memorial Day.

Shoehorning Your Brand into Memorial Day Posts

Memorial Day weekend is about fallen US military members and their families. It isn’t about your brand.

As such, you should avoid shoehorning your brand and its holiday deals into your remembrance and recognition posts in the following ways:

  • “This Memorial Day, we celebrate our fallen heroes. Honor their memory with $500 off any new Camry this weekend!”
  • “To celebrate the lives of the soldiers we have lost, we’re offering $20 oil changes this Memorial Day!”
  • “This Memorial Day, celebrate the brave men and women who gave their lives so you can test drive the new Sonata at our dealership.”

These types of posts are quite vulgar, and they are likely to elicit angry responses from your followers.

If you want to promote a Memorial Day sales event, consider creating a separate post to inform your followers. We recommend keeping at least a few hours between your recognition post and your promotion announcements.

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Three Reasons to Use Memes in Your Marketing

Three Reasons to Use Memes in Your Marketing

Have you been searching for a way to take your company’s marketing game to the next level? If so, you may want to think about creating memes for your social media followers. Here’s why:

1. Memes Are Highly Shareable 

When you post content to your social media pages, you want your followers to share it with their friends and family members.

The chances of a person hitting the share button on an uninteresting video or a lengthy industry report are low. However, the odds of users sharing a meme are much higher.

Recent data shows 55 percent of 13 to 35 year-olds send memes to their friends every week. 30 percent of social media users in that age range share memes every single day.

Put simply, there is no better way to generate shares than posting memes to your Facebook and Instagram pages. 

2. Memes Make Your Company Seem More Relatable

It’s possible to build a large community of users who love your company’s products or services on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. However, posting only salesy content to your pages will make this an uphill climb.

If you want to build a community on social media, you’ll need to engage with your audience, and make your company feel more relatable. Memes will help you achieve this goal by showing your business has a fun sense of humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Over time, if you can consistently create high-quality memes, users will begin looking forward to seeing your posts appear in their feeds.

3. Memes Are Cheap and Easy to Create

Facebook videos are an incredibly effective way to generate leads for your business. However, they can take hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours to create.

If you want to drive sales online, but don’t have the resources to make a video, memes are an excellent option. You can quickly create a meme for free using any of the following tools:

  1. Filmora Meme Maker
  2. QuickMeme
  3. Imgur Meme Generator
  4. Make a Meme
  5. Adobe Meme Maker

These five meme-making tools are simple to use and require little to no prior graphic design knowledge.

How to Create Memes for Your Followers

The benefits of using memes in your marketing are clear. But how can you create memes your followers will like and share? The FZA Digital team recommends following these five tips:

  1. Tailor the Meme to Your Audience: Do your social media followers prefer crude, edgy jokes, or something a bit more sophisticated? If you want to generate engagement, you will need to ensure your meme is a good match for their sense of humor.
  2. Pick a Hot Meme: If you want to maximize results, try to use a meme that is currently popular with your audience. You can find out which memes are hot right now by visiting forums and monitoring your competitors’ pages.
  3. Understand the Meme: Using a meme incorrectly can make your company seem out of touch. Use the Know Your Meme database to research your meme before posting.
  4. Triple-Check Your Spelling: When creating a meme, it can be easy to make spelling and grammar mistakes. Avoid the embarrassment of being corrected in the comments by triple-checking your work before hitting the post button.
  5. Consult with Your Colleagues: Can’t decide if your meme is funny? Show it to some of your colleagues. Their feedback can help you make improvements.

It’s also crucial to take your time when creating memes for your followers. A meme you spent an hour perfecting is likely to deliver better results than one you threw together in five minutes.

Need Marketing Help? Contact the Experts at FZA Digital Today!

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5 ways to improve your facebook video marketing

5 Ways to Improve Your Facebook Video Marketing

On average, Facebook video posts receive around 61.3 percent more user interactions than image posts. That increase in engagement alone can lead to a surge in sales.

If your Facebook video marketing campaigns aren’t quite meeting expectations, here are five things you can do to boost your performance.

1. Keep It Short

Users don’t usually come to Facebook to watch long-form video content. If they want to see a 30-minute long video, they are much more likely to turn to YouTube or even Netflix.

For this reason, if you want to generate leads and interactions with Facebook videos, it’s typically best to keep things short. We recommend limiting your videos to five minutes in length.

Facebook users are often hesitant to click on video content that exceeds this length, and those that do hit play are likely to leave before the end of the clip. 

2. Use an Eye-Catching Thumbnail

Facebook users generally scroll through their feeds quickly. If you’d like them to stop to watch your video, make sure you use an eye-catching thumbnail.

The following tips will help you create enticing thumbnails:

  • Use Vibrant Colors: Thumbnails featuring bright shades of yellow, green, and blue are among the most eye-catching.
  • Add Text: Your text should explain the topic of the video in three or four words.
  • Add a Relevant Image: Thumbnails featuring high-quality, relevant images tend to receive more clicks.
  • Be Consistent: By ensuring all your thumbnails look the same, you can begin to build a brand around your videos.

3. Add Captions to Your Videos

Around 85 percent of Facebook videos are watched without sound. To make sure your messages reach as many users as possible, include captions in your videos.

To add captions to your Facebook videos, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Photo/Video” button at the top of your timeline.
  2. Choose a video and hit “Post”.
  3. When the video is ready to view, click the “…” button.
  4. Select “Edit Video.”
  5. Go to “Upload SRT Files” and click “Choose File.”
  6. Select a .srt file from your computer and hit “Save.”

Adding captions to your videos won’t just help you maximize your reach, it will also accommodate the hearing impaired and shows your business cares about their needs.

4. Craft a Descriptive Title

If you want to entice Facebook users to click on your videos, avoid using vague, generic, or confusing titles, such as:

  • VID001
  • Our Latest Video
  • Check Out This Car
  • Some of Our Favorite Things

You will generate far more plays and engagement by using clear, descriptive video titles, like:

  • 2022 Toyota Tundra Interior Tour
  • X Tools You Should Have in Your Car
  • What to Know Before Buying an ATV
  • [VEHICLE 1] vs. [VEHICLE 2]
  • X Signs It’s Time for a New Car Battery

Users are much more likely to click on your Facebook videos if they know what to expect once they hit play.

Descriptive titles can also help you expand your audience by making your videos more easily searchable.

5. Monitor Your Metrics

Guides like this one can provide you with a range of ideas for boosting the performance of your Facebook video marketing campaigns. However, the best way to figure out how to improve your results is by monitoring your analytics and listening to your audience.

We suggest paying special attention to the following metrics:

  • Overall view count
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Average completion rate
  • Average watch time
  • Engagement rate

These metrics can provide you with clues that will help you edit and tailor Facebook videos to your audience.

For example, if your metrics show lots of people are clicking on your clips, but only 30 percent are watching until the end, you can start reducing the average length of your videos. Similarly, if your completion rate is high but your engagement rate is low, you can consider asking more questions that will encourage users to leave comments. 

Need Facebook Video Marketing Help? Contact FZA Digital Today!

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How to Launch a New Product on Social Media

How to Launch a New Product on Social Media

When a new arrival hits your company’s inventory and it’s time to introduce it to the world, social media apps like Facebook and Instagram are the perfect places to do just that.

Here are five steps you can follow to ensure your product launch is a huge success:

1. Define Your Goals

What would you like to achieve with your product launch? Do you want to maximize sales? Or are you just hoping to build product brand awareness?

Whatever your goals may be, you should take a few minutes to write them down before moving forward with your launch. Doing so will help you focus on your objectives throughout the campaign.

When writing your SMART goals, avoid being vague. Try to use specific terms like:

  • Sell 1,000 units within 30 days
  • Achieve $50,000 in sales by March 1st
  • Drive 3,000 visitors to the product page within two weeks

Setting measurable goals like these will allow you to evaluate the success of your launch in the future. 

2. Create a Calendar

Once you know your goals, it’s time to put together a launch timeline. This calendar will outline the posts you will make throughout the campaign.

An effective product launch calendar will look something like this:

  • Day 0-3: Pre-launch teaser images to build hype
  • Day 4-6: Pre-launch videos to showcase unique features
  • Day 7: Product launch day
  • Day 8-14: Post-launch images, videos, and shopper interaction
  • Day 15+: Integration of the new product into regular social media post schedule

Ensure your timeline is relatively compact. If you drag on the launch for months, you’ll run the risk of boring or irritating potential customers before they buy your new product.

3. Develop Your Campaign Assets

Once you put together your product launch calendar, you’ll need to create the videos, images, and other creative assets you plan to post on social media.

The nature of your social media assets will depend on the type of product you will launch. If, for instance, your company is introducing a new ATV to the market, develop pictures and videos of the vehicle in action. Shots of it traversing a forest or climbing sand dunes are sure to impress prospective customers.

When creating your product images and videos, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Show people using and enjoying your new product.
  • Use consistent themes throughout your pictures and videos.
  • Showcase your product’s most exciting features.
  • Keep it simple. Avoid overloading viewers with information.

These social media assets will be your product’s introduction to the world. If you’re not confident you can create pictures and videos that will do it justice, you can hire a photographer or graphic designer to develop them for you.

4. Begin Your Launch Campaign

Once you have developed your social media assets, it is time to start your launch campaign! Follow your calendar as closely as you can, and be sure to reply to any questions or comments your followers leave on your posts.

When your product launch day arrives, make your announcement as early as possible. In your post, ensure you include a link to the product’s listing page. If your followers don’t know where to find your product, they won’t be able to make a purchase!

You can also consider hosting a live Q&A session on your launch day. Video can be quite effective when marketing new products. This event will help you keep the conversation going and give your followers a chance to learn more about your new product.

5. Monitor Your Campaign and Make Changes as Necessary 

It is vital to keep a close eye on your performance metrics as your launch progresses. Your vigilance will give you the ability to see problems and make changes as needed.

If, for example, you notice your product page has a high bounce rate, you can edit the text or re-work the layout to better optimize for conversion. Similarly, if you see a lot of buyers asking similar questions, you can create an image or video, FAQ section, or infographic that provides detailed answers.

Making these adjustments to your launch campaign may be the difference between meeting your goals or falling short of the mark.

Need Help with Your Next Product Launch? Contact the Experts at FZA Digital!

Launching new products on social media apps like Facebook or Instagram can be a massive challenge. Luckily, you don’t have to go through it alone. The skilled marketers at FZA Digital are here to guide you through each step of the process. Our team has been helping companies like yours thrive online for years, and we would be honored to add your name to our long list of success stories. 

To learn more about our services, all you need to do is give us a call at (424) 232-0810 or fill in our brief online contact form. We look forward to working with you! 

4 Ways To Engage with Your Social Media Followers During the Holidays

4 Ways to Engage Social Media Followers During the Holidays

Would you like to maximize your sales this holiday season? If so, stay engaged with your social media followers. Here’s why:

  • 54 percent of browsers use social media to research products.
  • People spend an average of two hours and 25 minutes per day on social media apps.
  • 49 percent of Millenials and 54 percent of Gen Z say social media is their preferred advertising channel.
  • 87 percent of Instagram users say they have taken a specific action (like making a purchase) after seeing product info on their feed.
  • 71 percent of consumers who have had a positive interaction with a company on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family.

There are tons of ways you can engage with your company’s social media followers during the holidays. The following four are among the most effective:

1. Go Live

Live streams are one of the quickest ways to engage with your company’s followers during the holidays. All you need to do is log into your Facebook or Instagram account and tap the “Live” button.

The following live stream ideas are sure to get your audience talking:

  • A Visit from Santa: Dress up as Santa Claus and deliver a holiday message on behalf of your company. Ask your viewers what gifts they hope to receive this year.
  • A Message of Thanks: In the run-up to Thanksgiving, go live to tell your customers how thankful you are for their business. Be sure to take a moment to ask them what they’re grateful for as well!
  • Holiday Cooking: Live stream your attempt at cooking the holiday meal. Even if you burn the turkey, your followers are sure to enjoy the show!

When you go live, try to remain upbeat and avoid long periods of silence. If your followers feel like you aren’t into it, they are unlikely to engage. Don’t underestimate the value video marketing can bring to your business!

2. Host a Giveaway

The holidays are a time for giving, and your company is sure to be the talk of the town if you host a giveaway for your social media followers.

You can, of course, give gifts to your audience at random. However, you’re likely to generate a lot more engagement if you ask users to answer a quiz question or like and share an image to enter the giveaway. 

It is generally best to give away some of your company’s own products as prizes. However, if your products are a little too expensive to gift, you may also give away accessories or vouchers for local restaurants.

For additional ideas on customer appreciation events for car dealerships, visit our fusionZONE blog!

3. Team Up with a Local Charity

Don’t limit your attempts to engage with people on social media to only your own followers. Your company can reach even more users by teaming up with a local charity.

Of course, your charitable partnership can’t be all about driving new sales for your company. It should be about helping the charity serve the people in your community.

You can achieve this goal in the following ways:

  • Profit Sharing: Tell your followers you will donate a percentage of every sale you make during the holiday season to the charity. Your charitable partner can also share the big news on their accounts.
  • Supply Drives: Does the charity need clothes or canned goods to help them serve the local community? If so, consider launching a supply drive on social media. Provide your followers with regular updates to keep them engaged.
  • Donation Matching: Americans love donating money to charity over the holidays. Let your social media followers know you will match any donations they make to your charitable partner during the festive season. Be sure to thank anyone who donates!

If you team up with a local charity, be sure to communicate with its social media team regularly. Doing so will ensure everybody is on the same page throughout the season.

4. Share a Recipe

Do you have an old family recipe for latke or pumpkin pie? If so, consider sharing it with your followers on Facebook.

A simple text post is the easiest way to get your recipe out into the world. However, you will receive a lot more engagement if you take some time to put together a festive infographic filled with ingredients and instructions.

If your followers enjoy your recipe, your company is sure to be a hot topic of conversation during family meals over the holidays. Remember, social media posting is also about community building and engagement, not just immediate sales and revenue boosts.

When sharing your post on Facebook, don’t forget to ask your followers to share their favorite holiday recipes in the comments, and be sure to take a moment to reply to the best ones!

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5 Tips for Creating High-Performing Instagram Ads

Have you been searching for a way to promote your company’s product or service online? If so, you may want to consider advertising on Instagram.

The social media app has more than a billion monthly users. Studies show 81 percent of those people say the platform helps them find new products and services.

Of course, promoting your business on Instagram is not quite as simple as throwing an ad together and hitting the publish button. If you want to achieve the best possible results, you will need to follow these tips:

Choose the Right Ad Type

Instagram offers a variety of ad types designed to help organizations like yours achieve their marketing goals. The most popular ad types include:

  • App Installs: For organizations that want Instagram users to install their mobile applications.
  • Lead Generation: For companies that want to transform Instagram users into warm leads for their sales team.
  • Brand Awareness: For businesses that want to increase awareness of their product, service, or brand.
  • Messages: For organizations that want to encourage Instagram users to reach out to ask questions, seek support, or schedule appointments. 
  • Conversions: For companies that want to entice users to take direct sales action on their Instagram ads. 
  • Traffic: For businesses that want to drive Instagram users to their website.

If you want your Instagram campaign to be a success, it is vital for you to carefully consider your objective and select the ad type that best fits your needs. 

Choosing the wrong ad type will result in a lot of wasted time and money.

Target the Right Audience 

Instagram gives you the ability to decide which users should see your ad based on factors like age, gender, location, and interests.

If you want to maximize your return on investment, you would be wise to use this targeting feature to ensure your sponsored posts only appear on the screens of people who are likely to be interested in your products.

If you aren’t sure what your target audience should be, consider sending a short survey to your existing customers. Their responses can help guide your targeting decisions.

Include Eye-Catching Images and Videos

Instagram users typically scroll through their feeds at lightning speed. As a result, your ad may only be on their screen for a fraction of a second. If you want them to stop scrolling to learn more about your service, you will need to grab their attention in a hurry.

Using eye-catching images and videos can help you accomplish this goal. Here are some striking posts you can try to emulate:

Creating eye-catching pictures is not an exact science. However, as long as you make sure your images are vibrant, high-quality, and on-brand for your company, you should achieve some excellent results.

Include a Call to Action

Getting Instagram users to stop scrolling to check out your ad is only half the battle. You also need to get them to contact your team, purchase your product, or visit your website.

Including a call to action (CTA) in your Instagram ads can prompt them to take this step.

Instagram gives you the ability to add call-to-action buttons beneath your ads. Many companies use this tool to give users clear instructions like:

  • Download
  • Shop Now
  • Call
  • Sign Up

You can also include a call to action in the text of your Instagram ads. The following CTAs generally perform well:

  • “Order now to enjoy free next-day delivery!”
  • “Schedule your free consultation today!”
  • “Visit our website to learn more about [PRODUCT]!”
  • “Call now to speak to one of our experienced technicians!”

The best CTAs give people a reason to take action now. If they leave your ad without taking action, they may never return to your company.

Make Changes as Needed

It may be tempting to sit back and wait for the sales to roll in once you hit the “publish” button on your Instagram ad. However, if you want to ensure you maximize your returns, you would be wise to monitor the performance of your ad and make changes as necessary.

If your click-through rate is a little low, you might need to retool your CTA. If your bounce rate is high, you may need to alter your landing page.

Don’t be surprised if you need to go through five or six rounds of changes before you land on a formula that works for your business.

Need Help Creating Killer Instagram Ads? Contact FZA Digital Today!

Creating high-performing Instagram ads can be challenging. Luckily, help is available. FZA Digital has been managing social media ad campaigns on behalf of companies like yours for many years, and we would be delighted to add your name to our long list of satisfied customers. To learn more about our services, please give us a call at (424) 232-0810 or fill in our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Market Electric Vehicles Online

Electric cars and trucks are more popular than ever before in the US. Data from Experian indicates Americans registered 133,509 new EVs in the first four months of 2021 alone – a 95 percent increase over the previous year.

But how can you convince motorists to purchase your electric vehicle over the ones available at competing dealerships? Through the magic of digital marketing, of course!

Let’s take a look at some of the best ways to market your EVs online.

Search Engine Optimization

  • When a driver decides they want to buy an electric vehicle, they are likely to head to Google to search for one of the following phrases:
    • “Electric vehicles for sale near me”
    • “Best electric cars under [PRICE]”
    • “[EV1] vs. [EV2]”
    • “Electric vehicle tax credits”
    • “How to charge electric cars?”
  • If you want to increase the chances of them choosing to do business with your dealership, you will need to make sure your site appears near the top of the search results for these phrases. You may accomplish this objective by optimizing your website for search.
  • To optimize your dealership’s site for EV-related keywords, all you need to do is follow these steps:
    1. Choose the keywords you wish to target. Tools like Ubersuggest and Long Tail Pro can help you with this step.
    2. Publish information-rich content on EV-related topics. Insert keywords into your posts in a natural way.
    3. Add EV keywords to the headlines and descriptions on relevant pages.
    4. Build backlinks from reputable websites. Guest blogging is one of the best ways to generate these links.
    5. Reduce your loading times. Compressing images and reducing the use of redirects can speed up your site.
    6. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly. Enter your URL into Google’s testing tool for a detailed analysis. 
  • Taking these six steps will show Google your site is trustworthy and full of useful EV-related information. As a result, it’ll be much more likely to send interested shoppers in your direction.

PPC Advertising

  • Want to start generating new electric car sales as soon as tomorrow? PPC (pay-per-click) advertising may be the answer. 
  • Google Ads is by far the largest PPC advertising platform in the world. Its ads generated about $300 billion in sales for companies across the globe in 2020. As such, you may wish to focus your efforts there. 
  • When creating a PPC ad for the electric vehicles on your lot, you would be wise to keep the following advice in mind:
    • Write in the second person. “Find your new electric car here” is likely to perform better than “We have a wide range of electric cars.”
    • Include relevant keywords. As a general rule, you should try to have your main keyword appear at the start of your headline and again in your description.
    • Outline the benefits of electric vehicles. Tell users how switching to an EV can save them money and reduce their carbon footprint.
    • Include relevant facts and figures. A phrase like “save up to $200 a month on gas by switching to an EV” is sure to draw attention to your ad.
    • Add a compelling call to action. Tell users what step they should take next to purchase one of your electric cars.
  • Once you are happy with your ad, set it to run in the areas your customers call home during the hours your showroom is open.
  • When your ad goes live, don’t forget to monitor its performance and make edits as necessary.

Social Media Marketing

  • 54 percent of people use social media apps like Facebook and Instagram to research products they would like to buy. If you can help them with the research process, they might decide to do business with your dealership. 
  • You can provide social media users with information about your EVs in the following ways:
    • Live Videos: Live videos are an excellent way to give users a tour of your electric vehicles. Be sure to answer any questions you receive during your stream.
    • Product Photos: High-quality interior and exterior images can give shoppers some insight into the look and feel of your EVs before they arrive at your showroom.
    • Reviews: Did a previous customer love one of the features in your EV? Sharing their review on social media can help to highlight the best things about the car.
    • Comments: You will receive lots of questions in the comments of your EV-related posts on social media. Providing detailed answers can give shoppers the confidence to take the next step in the purchasing process.
  • You can also drive electric car sales by letting your social media followers know about the incentives and discounts you currently offer.

Need Help Marketing Your EVs Online? Contact the Experts at FZA Digital!

  • Would you like a team of experienced marketing professionals to help you promote your electric vehicles online? Then please don’t hesitate to reach out to FZA Digital! We have been assisting auto dealerships like yours with their marketing needs for years – so we know what it takes to succeed.
  • Call (424) 232-0810 or fill out our online contact form to talk to a member of our team today!

How to Measure the Success of Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Advertising on Facebook is one of the best ways to promote your product or service. The social media platform has a global audience of about 2.85 billion, and its users click on an average of 12 ads per month.

However, running a successful campaign on Facebook is not as simple as hitting the “Publish” button and waiting for the sales to roll in. If you want to be sure your ad generates a positive return on investment, it is vital for you to monitor its performance carefully.

The FZA Digital team recommends keeping a particularly close eye on the following metrics:

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Your click-through rate (CTR) is the percentage of people who decided to click on your ad when it appeared on their screen. Facebook calculates this metric using the following formula:

CTR = (Number of Clicks / Number of Impressions) x 100

The average CTR for Facebook ads is roughly 0.90 percent. However, this figure can vary significantly between industries

If your CTR is a little low for your industry, it might be a sign your ad is not appealing to your audience. Consider making the following changes to the ad to give your CTR a boost:

  • Add a compelling call to action
  • Use a different image or video
  • Target a narrower audience
  • Edit your Facebook ad copy

Do not be surprised if you need to go through two or three rounds of edits before the CTR rises above the industry average. Facebook ad campaigns are an art, not a science.

Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is the percentage of users who took a desired action on your website after clicking on your Facebook ad. Depending on the aim of your campaign, this action could be any of the following:

  • Purchasing your product
  • Scheduling a service appointment
  • Contacting your sales team
  • Signing up for your newsletter
  • Downloading a document

You can calculate your conversion rate using the following formula:

Conversion Rate = (Number of Conversions / Number of Clicks) x 100

The average conversion rate for Facebook ads is 9.21 percent. However, as with CTR, this figure varies across industries

A lower than average conversion rate most likely means there is an issue with your landing page. You can usually resolve the problem by making a few simple changes, such as:

  • Removing unnecessary fields from forms
  • Adding testimonials and reviews to your landing page
  • Providing users with clear directions on what action to take next
  • Addressing common customer objections on the landing page

Don’t be afraid to test multiple landing pages until you find one that gives you the results you need.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Your return on ad spend (ROAS) is a measure of the revenue generated by your Facebook ad campaign as a percentage of its cost. To calculate your ROAS, you can use the following formula:

ROAS = (Revenue / Ad Spending) x 100

The ROAS you should aim for will depend on the primary objective of your Facebook ad campaign. If your goal is to increase sales, you may want to shoot for a ROAS of at least 200 percent. However, if you’re more focused on building brand awareness, a ROAS of 50 percent might be acceptable.

At FZA Digital, we recommend waiting until your Facebook ad has at least 50 clicks before calculating your ROAS. Smaller sample sizes can lead to inaccurate performance evaluations.


Frequency is a measure of the number of times an average Facebook user has seen your ad. You can calculate it in the following way:

Frequency = Impressions / Reach

Tracking this metric is essential because you do not want to keep putting your company’s ad in front of the same users again and again. Doing so is likely to annoy them. It might even cause them to tell Facebook your ad is “spam” or “not interesting.”

In general, you should try to show your ad to users no more than three or four times. This frequency will give them ample opportunity to consider your product or service without irritating them.

If you think users are seeing your ad too often, you can tell Facebook you would like to optimize for “Daily Unique Reach.” Taking this step will make sure people only see your ad once a day at most. 

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More than 722 million people and 55 million companies have accounts on LinkedIn. Its ever-growing popularity makes it an ideal platform for you to market your business – whether you sell B2B or B2C.

Of course, if you plan to use LinkedIn to generate new leads and increase sales, you will also want to ensure you maximize your results. Here are some simple steps you can follow to accomplish your goal

Create a LinkedIn Page for Your Company

If your business does not have an existing LinkedIn page, you will need to create one to begin your marketing efforts. Luckily, setting up a new page is a relatively simple process. All you need to do is follow this guide:

  1. Go to the LinkedIn Pages website
  2. Click on the “Create Your Page” button
  3. Select your business category
  4. Enter your company information
  5. Upload your company logo (300 x 300 px)
  6. Add a one-sentence tagline
  7. Click on the “Create Page” button

Your LinkedIn page will be live as soon as you finish working through this process. However, it will still be quite bare. To complete your profile, click on the pencil icon and add the following items:

  • Cover Photo: Add a 1584 x 396 px image that showcases your business.
  • Description: Tell people about your company in two or three paragraphs. Be sure to include plenty of keywords.
  • Hashtags: LinkedIn allows you to add up to three hashtags to your page.
  • Location: Enter the location of your store or office. Click “+Add Location” to add multiple addresses. 
  • Custom Button: Add a button that allows interested shoppers to contact you or visit your website with a single click.

From start to finish, this process should take around 30 minutes – and will leave you with a professional page that is sure to impress your customers.

Post Engaging Content to Your LinkedIn Page

Once your company’s LinkedIn page is complete, it’s time to start posting content. Posts including videos and pictures usually perform best. In fact, LinkedIn states posts that feature images receive about 98 percent more comments than those that don’t.

The knowledgeable marketers at FZA Digital recommend following these best practices when creating posts for your LinkedIn page:

  • Write about topics that are relevant to your audience
  • Include plenty of statistics and quotes
  • Tag the people you mention in your post
  • Add some hashtags to your post in a natural way
  • Use short paragraphs and avoid large blocks of text
  • Include a compelling call to action
  • Respond to comments as quickly as possible

Following these simple tips will help you create posts that position you as an authority in the industry and let your readers know you are available to assist should they need your services. 

Create a LinkedIn Product Showcase Page

LinkedIn makes it possible to highlight the brands, products, or business units that drive your organization’s growth. All you need to do is create a product showcase page and link it to your parent page.

To set up a product showcase page, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your page admin center
  2. Click on the “Admin Tools” menu
  3. Choose “Create Showcase Page”
  4. Enter your showcase page name
  5. Click “Create Page”

Once your LinkedIn showcase page goes live, you should take some time to complete it by adding pictures and a description -much like you did for your parent page. 

When you finish setting it up, your showcase page will give you the ability to interact with users who are interested in your product but do not follow your main company page.

Speak to Your Audience on LinkedIn Live

When you really want to gain the attention of your target market, LinkedIn Live is the perfect option. Live broadcasts get 24 times more engagement than text-based content on LinkedIn.

If you want your broadcast to run smoothly and generate positive results, consider following these tips:

  • Create a Script: Know what you are going to say before you go live. Don’t just wing it.
  • Use a Good Camera: Users are unlikely to watch blurry broadcasts.
  • Be Knowledgeable: Provide your viewers with lots of useful information.
  • Speak Clearly: If your audience can’t hear what you are saying, they will leave your live broadcast.

Before you go live on LinkedIn, don’t forget to promote the event on your other social media channels – like Instagram and Facebook.

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It can be tempting to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) ads when marketing your small business online. However, it is also vital to spend time improving your social media presence. Should you fail to do so, you will miss out on all of these benefits:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Increased website traffic
  • Improved brand loyalty

So what can you do to improve the performance of your company’s social media marketing efforts? The FZA Digital team recommends that you take the following steps:

1. Spruce Up Your Pages

Has it been a little while since you updated your organization’s Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles? If so, they might look a bit dated. If you want to enhance your social media presence, you should take a couple of minutes to spruce them up.

The best place to start your renovation is with your profile picture and cover photo. It is crucial to make a great first impression, and they are some of the first things users see when they visit your company pages.

Your profile picture should generally be your logo, and your cover photos should be consistent across your social media networks. It is also vital to ensure your images are the right size:

  • Facebook Profile Picture: 170 x 170 pixels
  • Facebook Cover Photo: 828 x 465 pixels
  • Instagram Profile Picture: 110 x 110 pixels
  • LinkedIn Profile Picture: 400 x 400 pixels (minimum)
  • LinkedIn Cover Photo: 974 x 330 pixels
  • LinkedIn Banner Image: 646 x 220 pixels

Once you perfect your images, you should take some time to review your company bio and “About Us” info. If any of it has changed over the years, update it accordingly. Doing so will ensure visitors know exactly who you are and what you do.

     2. Post Relevant Content Regularly

Social media users won’t follow your company pages out of the goodness of their hearts. You need to give them a reason to hit the “Like” button.

One of the best ways to entice them to follow your business on platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook is by posting relevant content regularly. Most companies should aim to post at least a few times each week.

The type of content you post will depend on the nature of your business and the demographics of your target audience. The following posts tend to perform particularly well:

  • Educational infographics
  • Memes and funny images
  • Polls and thought-provoking questions
  • Live videos featuring news and deals

You may need to play with multiple types of content before you find one that works for your company. Don’t be afraid to ask your social followers for feedback if you aren’t sure which direction to take.

     3. Engage with Your Followers

You don’t post content on your organization’s social media pages for it to disappear into the abyss. You want your followers to leave comments, hit the “Like” button, or share it with their friends.

To get users to engage with your social content in this way, you must first take the time to interact with them. When a follower comments on your videos, reply in a timely manner. When they ask you a question, do your best to give them a detailed answer.

Whenever you interact with users on any social media network, it is vital to keep the following simple tips in mind:

  • Be knowledgeable
  • Be informative
  • Be engaging
  • Be helpful
  • Be kind

Your followers will be much more likely to engage positively with your posts when they see you taking the time to interact with them.

     4. Monitor Your Analytics and Make Changes When Necessary

Improving the performance of your company’s social media marketing is not an exact science. Some of the tactics you use and content you post will work extraordinarily well, while others will fall flat. You must monitor your analytics closely to determine the efficacy of your efforts.

The FZA Digital team typically recommends that you keep an eye on the following metrics:

  • Audience growth rates
  • Engagement rates
  • Conversion rates
  • Social share of voice

By following these key performance indicators closely, you can see what works and what doesn’t. You can then make changes to your social media marketing strategy to take advantage of your strengths.

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